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Book 1-on-1 Training

Book hands-on training with Josh Brooks DD and his team. 

Learn how to 3D scan / the basics of digital dentures. Come visit us in Kennewick Washington and see our box scanners, intra-oral scanners, CAD software, 3D Printers and Milling Machines. 

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Digital Dentures 101

Entry-level training for those looking to get hands on experience with digital dentures.

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Go beyond the basics. Get advanced training in denture design and scanning.



On-site training. Come visit our location and see our workflow first hand. 


Pricing based on team size & hours required.

3D Scanning - Box Scanning Dentures, Trays & Models 

CAD Software - Complete Dentures (Exocad)

CAD Software - Acrylic Partial Dentures (Exocad)

3D Printing - Printing & Finishing

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